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The Power of the Plate - The Case for Regenerative Organic Agriculture in Improving Human Health

Your health starts with food.

But what we eat doesn't always reflect this fact. Only 11% of total calories in The Standard American Diet come from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts—and more than half come from highly processed foods.   

How your food is produced is important, too.

Over time, conventional agricultural methods depleted the soil and reduced the nutrient density of what we eat. In some cases, the loss is up to 38%. Combined with he calorie dense Standard American Diet, we're facing "hidden hunger" and the epidemic rise of lifestyle diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Concurrently, we are losing topsoil to erosion at the breathtaking rates while more than 80% of the land is dedicated to industrialized animal production that produces only 18% of the calories and 37% of the protein. 

However, there's another way forward: regenerative healthcare. 

This is a wholistic system in which agriculture and healthcare work in tandem. Together, they inform a prevention/regenerative-based approach to human and environmental healthcare.  We are pleased to share with you our new white paper we created in partnership with Rodale Institute, that examines these pressing issues and offer steps to a healthier future. "The Power of the Plate" is a wholistic analysis of the deeply intertwined relationship between agriculture, nutrition, and medicine.   Explore the system that can change everything. Experience the Power of the Plate.

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