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Print and share this letter with your healthcare provider.

Dear _____________,

Because I value you as my healthcare professional, I want to make you aware of an unique organization.

The Plantrician Project has a mission to educate, equip and empower physicians and healthcare practitioners with knowledge about the indisputable benefits of preventive, nutritional medicine. The organization can provide you with resources to inform and inspire your patients in their journey toward a far more whole-food, plant-based dietary lifestyle. Learn more at plantricianproject.org.

The Plantrician Project also hosts a healthcare conference that many have called life-changing — for themselves, their families, their medical staff, and their patients.

The annual International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference brings together leading healthcare professionals to review the current medical and scientific evidence on dietary lifestyle as it relates to disease prevention, suspension and reversal. Conference attendance provides up to 24 Continuing Medical Education credits. You can learn more by visiting pbnhc.com.

I’m concerned not only about my personal health and the health of my family members, but also about the rising chronic disease trends and escalating healthcare costs. According to the CDC, over 75% of our healthcare dollars are spent on the treatment of conditions that are preventable and, in many cases, reversible—those directly tied to our lifestyle choices. It is the reason that I wanted to bring this organization and conference to your attention.

Understanding the power of my food choices has changed my life! I’m confident that this information will be of tremendous value to you and the patients under your care.

Best in health!

PBNHC audience raising hands

Want to Transform Healthcare?

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