How Your Support Transforms Healthcare

The Plantrician Project’s mission is to educate, equip and empower physicians, healthcare professionals and other health influencers with knowledge of the indisputable benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition. You can help us ensure every healthcare professional – and therefore every patient – is empowered with the knowledge to prevent chronic disease, optimize health, and grow a healthier tomorrow.

Your support empowers:

  • Our operations and programs that educate and equip today’s healthcare professionals with the best available nutrition science and tools for lifestyle change.
  • Systems change initiatives focused on the future of healthcare, evidence-based research for optimizing health, and a food system that supports healthier people and a healthier planet.

Now is the time for change!

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more are ravaging the global population unchecked. Physicians have been well trained to diagnose and treat disease. Yet, according to the CDC, more than 75% of our nation’s healthcare costs are tied to the treatment of preventable lifestyle-related conditions —more often than not, a direct result of the Standard American Diet (SAD). The SAD is inflicting untold harm on our health, while pushing our healthcare costs to the brink—not to mention its impact on global sustainability and natural resource depletion.

A major cause of both human and environmental health challenges is one and the same: our food. Our industrialized Western diet is the cause. A global shift to a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet is the solution. Now is the time to make a change.

Priority 1: Mission Support

Our professional development and continuing educational programs and resources bring the latest in nutrition science straight to healthcare professionals so they can begin supporting their patients in whole food, plant-forward change to prevent, better treat, and even reverse disease. 

While many of these programs and tools have service and event fees that contribute to a sustainable stream of funding, your support fills a critical gap in keeping these programs and resources affordable and accessible. It also keeps our operations growing and advances the following key impact initiatives focused on the future, foundation, and systems that support global health.

Priority 2: Plantrician University - The Future Of Healthcare

Plantrician University ensures every health professional will graduate with the tools to prioritize prevention. It is a free, virtual plant-based nutrition education platform stocked with curated educational content and resources for students. Future phases will include opportunities for mentorship, leadership training, and networking. 

Priority 3: International Journal Of Disease Reversal And Prevention - The Evidence-Based Foundation Of Health

We’re democratizing and amplifying nutrition science to transform global health. Public health and medical practice are informed by research science. The Journal is the first and only peer-reviewed medical publication focused on publishing the science for disease reversal and prevention – free to access, free to publish in and free of industry influence. The science for change.

Priority 4: Regenerative Health - Sustainable Food And Healthcare Systems

Regenerative healthcare is an emerging priority. Health starts on farms that work in harmony with nature. We are partnering with world-renowned organic agriculture experts, Rodale Institute, to bridge the gap between health professionals and food producers. Together, we’re working to build the circular connection between human health, environmental health and the health of our food system – healthy soil = healthy food = healthy people = healthy planet. 

Ways to give:
  • Donate online with a one-time or monthly donation by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Donate by check or Donor Advised Fund and mail to The Plantrician Project, PO Box 741596, Boynton Beach, FL 33474
  • Make a pledge or multi-year gift – contact development@plantricianproject.org to coordinate.
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  • Double your donation by checking with your employer on workplace giving opportunities.
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Your unrestricted or programmatic support of our mission will help us transform and regenerate human health, healthcare and the food ecosystem. 

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