Since 2013, The Plantrician Project has grown our work from our founding program, the International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference, to a broad range of transformative initiatives that are educating, equipping, and empowering today’s healthcare providers with the power of nutrition and a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Following is an outline of our current key initiatives made possible by our generous supporters, sponsors, subscribers, and event attendees.

Educate – Conferences and Events

The Plantrician Project educates medical doctors, clinicians, and other health influencers on the undisputable health benefits of eating a plant-based diet.  Our conferences and events include:

International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference with Livestream – An annual medical education opportunity based in California, hosting approximately 1,000 physicians and clinicians, showcasing outstanding leaders in nutrition with scientific substantiation as the core principle.

Healthcare Summit at Plant-based  World Conference and Expo – An annual summit in New York City presenting medical experts and luminaries from around the country.

International Curated Educational Content – Curated content services and consultation provided for select international conferences including the Asian Plant-Based Nutrition Conference in Bangkok, Thailand; Healthcare Summit at Plant-based World Europe Conference and Expo in London, England; as well as conferences in Saudi Arabia and Australia.

Equip – Tools and Resources

Plantrician brings physicians and healthcare clinicians practical resources and support for incorporating plant-based diet concepts into their practices. Our tools and resources include:

Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guides and Rx Pads – The basics of plant-based nutrition and healthy eating in an easy-to-read reference guide and Rx pad.

Culinary Rx – In partnership with Rouxbe, an online tool featuring the power of plant-based nutrition and step-by-step lessons on how to prepare healthy food and recipes.

Disease Reversal Digest – A digital magazine to directly link the disease reversing science of the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, whole food plant-based nutrition, and regenerative agriculture with practical advice for living a vibrant, healthy life.

Ultimate Plant-Based Nutrition Resource Guide – Plant-based nutrition content throughout the web is brought together into one area for easy research and access. – An online narrative review of peer-reviewed, scientific research papers and educational resources that are relevant to plant-based nutrition

Empower – Initiatives and Partnerships

Through transformational initiatives, Plantrician empowers physicians and clinicians to prevent, treat, and reverse disease by elevating nutrition science and confidence in the foundational principles of plant-based foods as medicine. Our current visionary initiatives and partnerships include:

  • International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention – An open access, peer-reviewed medical journal that documents the science of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle interventions.
  • – A searchable, global directory of plant-forward physicians, clinicians and allied health professionals who embrace the science of whole food, plant-based nutrition.
  • Professional Hospital Guide and Whiteboard Videos – A guide and supporting tools to help hospitals and healthcare systems implement plant-based nutrition programs for their patients and employees.
  • Research Partnerships – Current research project, in partnership with Midland Hospital, focused on the effectiveness of Culinary Rx in the treatment, suspension, and reversal of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Regenerative Health Institute – A unique partnership with the Rodale Institute, the global leader in organic food education, to build a brick and mortar educational center that will connect the power of nutrition with the food ecosystem.
  • Luminary Awards – Annual award honoring Luminaries who work to advance whole food, plant-based nutrition as the foundation of disease prevention, suspension, and reversal.

We are committed to empowering our nation and world with the lifesaving science supporting a whole food plant-based lifestyle – and it will take a growing community of supporters to maintain and expand our work. We hope you’ll support The Plantrician Project with a tax-deductible donation to advance our mission. For more information, please visit our donate pages, including our community-level and major gifts programs, Plantrician Partners and the Seeds of Change Society. Together, we can transform lives, the future of healthcare, and the food ecosystem that supports us all.

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