Plantrician University

A free, evidence-based education platform that supports the therapeutic use of plant-based nutrition as the foundation of lifestyle medicine

Physicians in training receive approximately 19-25 hours of nutrition education in their entire medical school training. Our current programs and resources exist to fill this gap by educating and equipping practicing healthcare professionals – with Plantrician University, we’re getting to the root of the issue. 

Plantrician University (PlantU) ensures that every health professional will graduate with the tools to prioritize prevention. PlantU is a dynamic, online learning and community platform. It equips and empowers future physicians, nurses, health coaches, registered dietitians, public health officials, and other healthcare professionals in training, with the knowledge and tools they need to become advocates and educators for the evidence-based role of plant-based nutrition to prevent and dramatically reduce rates of chronic disease, grow health equity, and improve human and global health.

By educating healthcare professionals in training on the root cause of chronic lifestyle-related disease, we empower the next generation with the critical knowledge they need to treat their patients and help them prevent and reverse disease.  We believe that this next generation of healthcare providers has the potential to usher in a new era of healthcare founded on the principles of value-based care, plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. 

Features of Plantrician University

Self-paced courses

Supplement your education with the knowledge and tools you need to become advocates and educators for the evidence-based role of plant-based nutrition to prevent and dramatically reduce rates of chronic disease. New courses added every month!

Video & Content Library

View over a 100 evidence-based lectures from the premier experts in plant-based nutrition and research. Enjoy ebooks, fact sheets, and other downloadable tools. New content is added every month!

Webinars and Events

Explore emerging topics supporting the use of plant-based nutrition as a medical intervention. Webinars and other virtual events are offered on an on-going basis.


Connect with like-minded students and faculty to network, communicate, and exchange best practices & resources. Stay updated on the events, new courses, and content through the platform’s Activity Feed.

We are committed to growing this platform in future phases, including expanded, partnered, and specialized student-oriented content and programming; opportunities for mentorship, leadership training, live Q&A with experts, multiple languages, networking, and advanced education.

You can help us ensure Plantrician University is a growing resource for healthcare professionals in training around the world.

Donate today or contact us at development@plantricianproject.org for more information on how you can help us transform the future of healthcare.

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