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Healthy Long Life Docuseries & Plantrician Around The World

Healthy Long Life - docuseries header

New in 2024, we are honored and thrilled to present Healthy Long Life in partnership with Daniel E. Kennedy for our “Plantrician Around the World” series. Check back each month for a new free episode to experience healthy living and aging internationally. 

Created by Daniel E. Kennedy, Healthy Long Life is a seven-part documentary series that tackles the problem that when aging, the last ten years of life are spent in sickness, pain and paying crushing medical bills. The good news is that keys to being healthy while aging are uncovered through interviews with the world’s top experts, chefs, cancer survivors and healthy people over the age of 100. The series features a bonus 8th episode with expert comments on how to rise up form coronavirus and COVID-19.

The Healthy Long Life documentary series is a global celebration of life, food, ancient healing traditions, dance and music. It’s a feast for the eyes, and food for the brain. It uncovers longevity and health secrets around the world.

Episode 1: India – Available Now
Episode 2: Mexico – Available Now
Episode 3: Sardina – Available Now
Episode 4 – 7: Coming soon

Documentaries and Movies

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