Healing Healthcare

A Guide for Transforming Healthcare Systems Through Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine


Healing Healthcare

This Healing Healthcare Guide answers some of the most challenging questions in healthcare today by incorporating real-life, practical guidance from leading healthcare systems and visionary providers across the country who have successfully implemented programs rooted in whole food, plant-based lifestyle medicine.

These visionary leaders succeeded without a blueprint. Their passion, vision, unity and relationships were the currency that opened doors, solved problems, created solutions and changed cultures. Their focus on whole food, plant-based diets and emphasis on lifestyle came about after extensive research. Leaders in these forward-thinking healthcare systems dug into the data and discovered that food is the most effective way to prevent, suspend and reverse the most common chronic diseases. Through this guide, they share their knowledge and wisdom to help you and your healthcare system cultivate change and transform your organization.

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The Plantrician Project is a 501©3 non-profit corporation. We have developed this resource as part of our mission to educate, equip and empower our physicians, healthcare providers and other health influencers with knowledge about the indisputable benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition. The nominal fee we charge for this resource covers our basic costs and ensures our ability to continue to offer our potentially lifesaving resources now and into the future. If you appreciate the work that we do and wish to offer additional financial support, please consider a financial contribution.

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