PAGE 6: Peer to Peer Fundraising

You have the power to spur change. You can support our mission – and help raise funds!

Are you passionate about plant-based eating or are you a physician, clinician, or health influencer who believes in the transformative value of whole-food plant-based nutrition science? You can launch a peer-to-peer fundraising page through our partner, Give Lively, and encourage support of our mission through your networks and social media pages.

Donations are urgently needed to advance our work. Helping us grow our community of supporters has an exponential impact – it’s an opportunity to introduce more people to the power of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, share a personal or professional statement on your passion for the power of a plant-based lifestyle, and raise critical funds for nutrition education, support, and science to support today’s healthcare providers in spreading the power of hope to help individuals transform lives and the health of our planet.

Launch your fundraising page today – we’re so grateful for your support!

Here are some ways that you can share your page:

• On Facebook or Instagram
• Through your professional newsletter
• Share by email to your family and friends

Here are some tools for sharing: (to create before launching this page)

• Graphics for Instagram
• Videos and graphics for Facebook
• Sample language templates for emails and social media

Click here to launch your page today – and please visit Transforming healthcare to learn more about our range of programs and key initiatives!

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