plan.tri.cian (noun):
a physician or clinician, empowered by the scientific evidence of the benefits of whole food, plant-based nutrition who uses this knowledge as a cornerstone in practice to improve the health of patients or clients.

The Plantrician Project™ Mission:

Educate, equip and empower our physicians, healthcare providers and other health influencers with knowledge about the indisputable benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition.

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More than 70% of chronic illnesses can be prevented or reversed with a whole food, plant-based dietary lifestyle.
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 According to the CDC, 60% of Americans have at least one chronic illness such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, auto-immune diseases and more.
Despite these startling numbers, physicians receive less than 20 hours of nutrition education training during the entire course of their medical training.
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We're facing another pandemic

Now is the time for change!

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more are ravaging the global population unchecked.  We are facing a looming pandemic with incalculable consequences. The same can be said for many of our most pressing global sustainability issues. 

A major cause of both and solution for both is one and the same: our food choices. Our industrialized Western diet is the cause. Humanity’s shift to a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet is the solution. Now is the time to make a change. 

We're Planting The Seeds Of Change

We're transforming health,
healthcare and the food ecosystem

Physicians and healthcare professionals are often the gatekeepers of patient and client dietary recommendations. Until wellness practitioners understand and embrace the benefits of the whole food plant-based dietary lifestyle,  in turn, promote patient adoption, a dietary shift on a broad scale will be elusive.


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Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people, healthy planet. 

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14 Feb

Plantrician Education Series – Whole Health Transformation: Integrating Nutrition, Lifestyle, Communication and Connection Medicine

What is “effective, high-quality communication” and what can providers do today to improve their connection with patients? Join NYT best-selling authors Drs. Matthew Lederman and Alona Pulde, with Plantrician Project co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Scott Stoll as they share the essential building blocks of meaningful connection and communication utilizing nonviolent communication practices. Learn how to build trust, identify patient needs, find empathy, and better connect with your patients, friends and families.

6 Feb

IJDRP Research Spotlight – January 2024

The IJDRP research spotlight brings forward noteworthy research, articles, editorials and more from current and past editions.

24 Jan

Plantrician Education Series: Plant-Based Potlucks and the Power of Community

During the 2023 PBNHC, Dr. Scott Stoll presented his keynote lecture “Connection Cultivates Change” with an invitation to attendees to plan their own community whole food, plant-based potluck. Since then, beginning with Dr. Stoll’s inaugural Plantrician CommUnity Potluck in Nashville, we have received dozens of messages from our community excited to plan their own potluck! Our team has created a Free Plantrician Potluck Guide to help with planning, and we have also launched a shared map to “Pin your Potluck” to help connect with others in the community.

We invite you to join Dr. Scott Stoll and our Plantrician Project Team, with special guest Dr. Columbus Batiste, on Tuesday, January 30th at 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT as we gather for our first ever Plantrician CommUnity Virtual Potluck! During our potluck, Dr. Stoll and our team will take a deeper dive into our Plantrician Potluck Guide and the featured recipes, answer your questions, and offer thoughts about the importance of gathering in community around the plant-based plate.

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Plantrician Providers® is a searchable directory of healthcare professionals who understand the power of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.


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A free, virtual plant-based nutrition education portal for health profession students and physicians in training.


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Learn how and why adopting a whole food, plant-based dietary lifestyle can help you and your patients achieve optimal health and well-being


Healing Healthcare Manual

Healing Healthcare: A Guide for Transforming Healthcare Systems Through Plant-Based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

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