Why Now?

Physicians have been trained to diagnose and treat; yet, according to the CDC, more than 75% of our nation’s healthcare costs are tied to the treatment of preventable conditions that are lifestyle-related—more often than not, a direct result of the Standard American Diet (SAD). The SAD is inflicting untold harm on our health, while pushing our healthcare costs to the brink—not to mention its impact on global sustainability and natural resource depletion.

Another hurdle we cannot ignore is that there is no profit in health, while there are immense profits derived from disease; hence, the U.S. has created a “disease and disability” care system, rather than a true “health” care system built on the foundational pillar of prevention.

This must change, and The Plantrician Project is leading the charge.

Because of the politics, power and money that’s fueling our current system, a top down dissemination of the powerful whole food, plant-based nutrition message will not happen. What’s required is a grassroots movement, with trusted health and wellness professionals propelling the health promoting, disease preventing message of plant-based nutrition to their patients and clients.

The reality we currently face is that medical students and physicians traditionally receive little, if any, training in the food=disease vs. food=optimal health relationship, nor do others who work in related fields. Whole food, plant-based nutrition flies in the face of much of the conventional wisdom where optimal diet is concerned.

“It’s exciting when you treat causation of disease: It’s prompt, powerful and persistent. The power of this option needs to be clearly communicated to patients.”


It’s imperative that we shift from an allopathic approach of diagnose and treat—too often medicate—model of medicine to one that is focused on identifying and eradicating the cause of disease. Treating causation, as Dr. Esselstyn says, is prompt, powerful and persistent.

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