Culinary Rx — a Prescribable Online Cooking and Nutrition Course

The Prescription with Only Positive Side Effects

The Plantrician Project, in partnership with Rouxbe Cooking School, has debuted a new Culinary Rx course.

It’s essential that your patients learn how to prepare plant-based foods in their own homes to ensure consistency of this dietary lifestyle. Culinary Rx is just what the doctor ordered! This 60-day, self-paced, plant-based food literacy and culinary eLearning course is an instructor guided cooking path to better health.

Pricing of only $199.99 enables you to experience the course first-hand, so you can confidently recommend it to your patients.

For questions about enrolling in the Culinary Rx course, please contact .

Visit the Culinary-Rx webpage for details.

Download the Culinary Rx flyer.

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