Corporate Grants and Sponsorships

At The Plantrician Project, we have opportunities for partnerships for a range of businesses that share our passion for health and wellness, healthcare innovation, and environmental sustainability. From corporate grants to sponsorship of our International Plant-based Nutrition Healthcare Conference to programmatic support of The International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, Plantrician University or PlantbasedDocs.com, there are several avenues to help you make an impact that aligns with your company values.

Please contact Tom Dunnam at tdunnam@plantricianproject.org to explore how we can work together to transform and regenerate human health, healthcare, and the food ecosystem and special ways that you can receive recognition for your support as we reach thousands of physicians, clinicians, health influencers, and individuals every year.

To learn more about our range of programs and key initiatives, please visit our Transforming Healthcare page.

Our corporate partners include: