Fasting for Disease Reversal and Longevity

A one-day, virtual live seminar presenting the evidence supporting the use of fasting for disease reversal and longevity

Fasting is a hot topic that is often touted as a miracle cure by influencers and health gurus. While there is a lot that still needs to be understood on the subject, there is considerable evidence to support the use of time restricted feeding, intermittent fasting and even temporary water-only fasting as effective interventions for many chronic diseases. In light of the intense interest and scrutiny around this hot topic, we have gathered the world's foremost experts in fasting research and clinical practice to discuss its use as a medical intervention.    

During this one day CME accredited seminar, our faculty of experts will:

  • Share their knowledge and research on fasting as well as their work from the front lines using time restricted eating as an intervention for many common chronic diseases
  • Review the most recent scientific literature that supports the use of fasting as a clinical intervention
  • Explain their best practices and provide advice for implementing fasting to support other nutritional interventions into daily practice

Please join us if you wish to learn the answers to the following:

  • How does fasting alter the epigenome?
  • Can time restricted eating be used to facilitate weight loss?
  • Does intermittent fasting positively influence body composition and preserve muscle mass?
  • Is water only fasting an effective intervention for chronic disease?
  • What is the effect of intermittent fasting on cardiovascular health and metabolic syndrome?
  • Can time restricted feeding affect circadian rhythms and chronobiology?
  • How can I implement fasting in my daily medical, nutritional or coaching practice? 

What is it?

  • A one day, virtual live intensive education seminar available on demand until December 2021
  • Presented by 5 preeminent experts in fasting for disease reversal and longevity
  • 8 CME’s available until July 19, 2021 only
  • Six (6) hours of presentations plus two (2) hours of Panel Discussion / Q&A
  • Registration fee: $249.00

Presented by the preeminent experts using fasting as a medical intervention

Who should attend?

  • Any clinician, researcher or non-clinician lay person who is interested in a thorough review of the latest scientific findings on fasting's impact on health and weight management
  • Any clinician responsible for the care and wellbeing of others including doctors, nurses, dietitians, health coaches, etc.
  • All specialties including family medicine, general practice, lifestyle medicine, intensive care, gastroenterology, etc.
  • Non-clinician researchers or other lay people passionate about learning the latest science supporting the use of food-as-medicine


Click Here to download a printable version of the agenda.

  • Welcome - 9:45am-10am - Scott Stoll, MD
  • Session 1 - 10:00am to 11:00am - Fasting in Clinical Practice - Michael Klaper, MD  
  • Session 2 - 11am to 12:00pm  - Prolonged Fasting: Clinical Research and Therapeutic Application - Tashia Myers, PhD
  • Session 3 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm  - Disease Reversal and Longevity in Fasting Patients (Part 1) - Alan Goldhamer, DC
  • Session 4 - 1:30pm-2:30pm - Disease Reversal and Longevity in Fasting Patients (Part 2) - Alan Goldhamer, DC
  • Session 5 - 3:30pm-4:30pm - Fasting, Disease and Longevity - Valter Longo, PhD
  • Session 6 - 4:30pm-5:30pm - Time Restricted Feeding, Chronobiology and Genomics - Satchin Panda, PhD
  • Sessions 7&8 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm - Panel Discussion and Live Q&A - All Speakers and moderated by Scott Stoll, MD

*Agenda subject to change

* All times Eastern Standard Time (New York, USA)

Panel Discussion and Q&A

A two-hour panel discussion and live Q&A will capped off this comprehensive day of learning, enabling seminar participants to engage with the presenters and ask questions.  

Continuing education credits (CME's)

  • 8 CME Credits (Until July 19, 2021)
  • Credits are designated as "blended live" credits by Rush University
  • Credits available for MD's, RN's, RD's, Pharmacists and other clinicians.
  • CME credits also available after the live airing of the sessions
  • Click here for detailed CME information

For more information, contact us at  or 516-810-6713.

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