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A Global Vision of Transformation

We can shine and share our light in two ways:  as a single, tall candle in a window or share our flame to light a thousand candles.  

In the early years of The Plantrician Project, our team decided that rather than become a single “candle in a window”, we would intentionally pursue opportunities to help light as many candles as possible around the world.  The profound and pressing need for change globally far exceeded our time and resources, but we discovered that if we could help educate, equip and empower physicians, healthcare practitioners and other health influencers to accomplish their vision of transformation, the whole food, plant-based nutrition movement would multiply exponentially.

Today, nearly 8 years later, we are honored to have influenced many thousands of people not only throughout the US where our flagship conference has been attended by participants from over 50 countries, but also at conferences held in partnership with dedicated leaders in Australia and the Middle East. 

As we look toward the future, we intend to fulfill our mission on a global level, by continuing to join forces with like-minded global partners who, like us, passionately desire to share the knowledge of whole-food, plant-based nutrition’s ability to prevent and reverse the lifestyle related diseases plaguing an increasing number people in the global community. To that end, in 2021 we are pleased to bring our educational programming and resources to London at the Plant-Based World Europe Conference and Expo as well as to Thailand with the annual Asean Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

This year, we were presented with a unique opportunity to partner with an inspired group of leaders from Thailand to share the science of whole food plant-based nutrition with healthcare professionals.  I first met Vivek Dhawan, a healthcare entrepreneur from Bangkok, Thailand, at the 2019 International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference.  He shared with me his passionate desire to introduce the science of whole-food, plant-based nutrition to the healthcare professionals in the Asean region through several initiatives including an annual conference in Bangkok.  After several conversations and brainstorming sessions, we joined with his team, including Dr. Sant Chaiyodsilp and Sachin Pagey, to create the annual Asean Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.  Our first conference is planned for 2021 and will be modeled after our signature annual conference, The International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference.  

This year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Thailand/Plantrician team rapidly pivoted to produce a whole food plant-based educational webinar series for healthcare professionals from the Asean region.  It proved to be a great opportunity to share the science with approximately 900 healthcare professionals from 20 different countries who are new to the concept of a whole-food dietary intervention for lifestyle related disease.  A video recording of this webinar is available below. 

We are also planning for additional educational webinars with our Thai partners with our next one scheduled for Thursday, August 27th at 7:00 AM EST. Click here for details and to register.  

To help further equip Asean healthcare providers with the knowledge and tools they need to help their patients, we will soon be adding a Thai version to the growing list of our popular Plant-Based Nutrition Quick Start Guides; currently translated into 5 foreign languages including SpanishArabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.  

We are sincerely grateful for this impactful partnership/friendship and look forward to sharing many successful updates from Bangkok and around the world.

Partnered with you in hope,

Scott Stoll, M.D. FABPMR

Co-founder, The Plantrician Project

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