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Celebrating Earthday 2020

The food we put on our plates is far more than the nutrients that affect our health, it is part of a much greater interconnected web that extends beyond our forks.  The food web extends to every element of making and producing the food we eat; from how it was transported, to how it was harvested, to the soil in which it was grown, and to the farmer who sewed the seed.  The food web is the reason that there’s no greater and more powerful choice we can make to affect our health and the health of the planet, than what we choose to eat each day.

"The quintessential solution to the problems we face on the earth, may be the whole food, plant-based diet" ~ Dr. Scott Stoll

In celebration of Earth Day's 50th anniversary we're sharing a portion of the 2019 PBNHC Keynote lecture given by our Dr. Scott Stoll. 

In this time of social distancing and global lock down,  it may feel like there's very little we can do. However, in this 7 minute snippet of Dr. Stoll's hour-long lecture titled "The Power of the Plate", he shares just how powerful the choice of what we put on our plates each day can be to impact not just our human health, but also the health of the planet. 

We hope that today, and in the days to come, you are able to show some love for yourself and for our beautiful planet, by making the choice of eating plenty of health promoting, disease fighting and earth protecting whole-plant foods. 

If you'd like to watch Dr. Stoll's entire lecture, or you'd like to view some or all of the lectures available from recent conferences, please visit our Video On Demand Gallery.

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