Plantrician Showcase

Sheri Goodman Graham RD

How Plant-Based Nutrition Changed The Trajectory Of My Life

Sheri Goodman Graham, RD

Ron Weiss MD

Plant-based Nutrition Made Me a Healer

Ron Weiss, MD

Mary Washington MD

Plant-based Nutrition Changed The Face of My Practice

Mary Washington, MD, FACP

How Plant-Based Nutrition Reignited My Passion for Medicine

Michele McMacken, MD

Dr Rajiv Misquita

A Midlife Epiphany

Rajiv Misquitta, MD, FACP

Steve Lawenda and Michael Greger
Dr. Michael Greger and Dr. Steve Lawenda (right) at the 2014 Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference

How ‘Food as Medicine’ Transformed My Life and Clinical Practice

Steve Lawenda, MD

Dustin Rudolph


Dustin Rudolph, PharmD, BCPS


Jaimela Dulaney, MD, PA


Kenneth Shafer, MD

Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition — The Missing Puzzle Piece

Mary Jo Costello, MPM, RDN


Kumara Sidhartha, MD, MPH


Staton L. Awtrey, MD

PBNHC audience raising hands

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