Interview with Jaimela Dulaney, MD, PA

Jaimela Dulaney

Jaimela Dulaney, MD, PA

First, some background:

Growing up in West Virginia, Dr. Dulaney ate the way most of us did, enjoying the Standard American Diet. Though her family also enjoyed the fruits of their labor from their vegetable gardens, it was not enough to save her parents from untimely passings. With heart disease and diabetes lingering in her family, she chose the specialty of cardiology to help control the risk factors of these deadly diseases. She, herself, being quite active (even marathons!), she couldn’t get out from under the weight of her prescribed statins.

Enter the works of Dr. Dean Ornish and John Robbins. After reading their books, Dr. Dulaney began to change her eating habits, but it was not until after watching Forks Over Knives that she ‘sealed the deal’ and eliminated all animal products, cooking oils and processed foods. The need for prescription meds was soon thereafter eliminated.

Her thriving practice now includes educating her patients about the benefits of adopting a whole food, plant-based lifestyle, where she also incorporates evening classes. Reaching beyond her patient base, Dr. Dulaney finds time to record her own podcast, where she now has 100+ episodes available on her website.

What is your morning ritual?

My morning starts with a run with each of my German shepherds. I take them each an average of 3.4 miles. Then we come in and do push ups. I have a 104 day streak going. The push ups are a good stretch after running as well as a core strengthened. Then I make a green smoothie It almost always has kale, banana berries, flaxseeds, turmeric and ginger. Depending on the season I also add papaya or mango. I call that my first breakfast. I take second breakfast with me to the hospital to have with coffee. It is chopped seasonal fruit, walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

What is the last book you read?

I usually have a few books going at the same time. Currently, I am reading Raising the Bar by Gary Erickson founder of the Cliff Bar. I just finished Natural Born Heroes by Christopher McDougal.

Name your favorite culinary hack?

I love my Instapot electric pressure cooker. I like making a batch of beans to use throughout the week. I also make all of my soups in the cooker.

What is your favorite sound?

I like hearing the different bird sounds on my morning run. It is a very peaceful way to start my day.

The one thing you wish everyone knew about you is:

I guess I would like people to know I walk the walk. I believe in the power of plants to heal and prevent disease. So my family and I are plant based and I exercise daily to keep fit and mobile. Plant based nutrition and endurance sports are my passion.

To learn more about Dr. Dulaney, please visit her website.

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