Plant-based Nutrition Made Me a Healer.

One of our recent patients who is now 50 years old has had type two Diabetes for the past 25 years and has been insulin dependent for the past 20. In recent years his endocrinologist diagnosed him as having type 1.5 diabetes and told him he would need to increase his insulin dose because his pancreas would soon become nonfunctional. The patient came to us already on a plant-based diet with a hemoglobin A1c of 7.9, with fasting sugars of 150 while taking about 46 units of Humalog and 28 units of Tresiba a day. He joined our 30 Day Detox program, during which all insulin was removed. By the end of our program, his hemoglobin A1c had dropped to 6.9 in just 30 days, with fasting sugars in the 90s. We are now three months out, and we expect to see an A1c below 6.

Before I found plant-based nutrition, I was a chronic disease manager. Now, I am a healer.

The Plantrician Project provides access to amazing resources for patients and has helped some of our patients get connected to Ethos, through the PlantBasedDocs.com database. The Plantrician Project has also been a great educational resource, with its compilation of informative documentaries and books. Cofounder Scott Stoll is a kindred spirit. We share a common mission- to use the power of whole plant foods to reverse and prevent illness and to regenerate a living soil for health of people and our planet.


Our community of change-makers are bringing plant-based nutrition to their communities, creating a ripple effect of change around the world. PlantBasedDocs.com member Dr. Ron Weiss of Ethos Primary Care is Dual Board-certified in internal medicine and lifestyle medicine, a primary care  physician in New Jersey and New York, Executive Director of Ethos Primary Care and an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. Dr. Weiss is not only a physician but also a botanist and farmer, and he offers an evidence-based,  food-as-medicine  approach to healing from chronic illness and optimizing wellness.

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