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24 May 21

New Prescribable Tool Helps Healthcare Practitioners Heal Patients Through Food

The Plantrician Project and PlantPure Inc, two respected organizations at the forefront of the growing plant-based nutrition movement, have joined forces to introduce PlantPure Rx, the world’s first prescribable food-supported at-home immersion program.

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6 January 21

Plant-based Nutrition for Gut Health to be the Focus of the First Plantrician Education Series One-day Intensive Medical Education Seminars

Dietary Intervention for Gut Health, the first session in the new Plantrician Education Series, is a one-day, virtual live seminar presenting the evidence supporting the use of whole food plant-based nutrition in the treatment & prevention of gastrointestinal disease.

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2 September 20

Popular digital magazine dedicated to helping people learn the disease reversing science of whole food plant-based nutrition, moves to a Pay What You Can sales model.

Effective immediately, all four issues of Plantrician Project’s Disease Reversal & Prevention Digest, including Issue 4, which was published today, may now be directly downloaded from, on a Pay What You Can basis.

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28 August 20

First-Ever “Eat the Change” Impact Program Announces Grant Recipients

The Plantrician Project has been recognized as a National Changemaker as part of the First-Ever “Eat the Change” Impact Program.

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28 May 20

Is our food system destroying our health?

Farmers, doctors, and scientists agree fixing our broken food and healthcare systems, and growing regenerative organic agriculture, key to improving human health in new white paper.

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16 March 20

A Message from Dr. Scott Stoll Regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic

“In this season of punctuated change and uncertainty, every new sunrise reminds us of the blessing that every new day gifts us; a fresh start with the opportunity to collaboratively work together to solve problems and offer a hand up to those in desperate need.  Today, I want to honor you because you stand courageously at the forefront of this daunting challenge, and the numerous challenges of healthcare today, working tirelessly to provide compassionate care to people in great need. Without exceptional, self-sacrificing healthcare providers like yourselves, our world would be a very different place. Thank you.”

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10 March 20

The Plantrician Project Commends the NAACP for Making Plant-Based Meal Availability a Legislative Priority in 2020 and Beyond

The Board of Directors of the NAACP officially ratified a resolution stating that advocacy for mandatory plant-based meals in prisons and options for plant-based meals in K-12 schools and hospitals shall be a 2020 legislative priority for the NAACP. Further, it resolved that by the Fall 2021 school year, all K-12 schools, prisons and hospitals will implement the plant-based meal options or 100% plant-based meal program and that the K-12 meal options shall include whole meal options and not just “side dish” options for children, said meal plans shall include a high concentration of whole fruits and vegetables as grown.

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28 January 20

Registration Now Open For 2nd Annual Plant Based World Conference & Expo June 5-6 In New York City

Plant Based World Conference & Expo (PBW) is pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2nd annual event, scheduled for June 5-6 at the Javits Center in New York City. Following a successful launch, attendees will visit more than 250 plant-based vendors in the exhibit hall and have access to educational sessions in three different forums focused on business, healthcare, and community as well as extensive networking opportunities.

NOTE: This conference has been reschedule to October 2-3, 2020.

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17 January 20

Fledgling Journal Documenting Unbiased Dietary Lifestyle Research Announces Publication Expansion of Scientific Editions in 2020

The steady flow of high-quality submissions documenting the efficacy of a whole food plant-based dietary lifestyle to reverse chronic illness has promoted the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention to increase its publication schedule from two annual editions to three, in 2020. It will also begin the rolling publication of its peer reviewed research to ensure timely propagation of important lifesaving scientific findings.

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3 October 19

A response from The Plantrician Project to the Annals of Internal Medicine Reviews on Dietary Meat Guidelines

The Annals of Internal Medicine systematic review and meta-analysis of red and processed meat titled “Unprocessed red meat and processed meat consumption: dietary guideline recommendations” draws inaccurate conclusions from a flawed design to advocate for the continued consumption of red and processed meat. The conclusions stand in stark opposition to numerous trials and observational studies linking red and processed meat consumption with the increased risk for heart disease, stroke, some cancers, type 2 diabetes, and all cause mortality.

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