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While not a comprehensive list, we recommend the following books and films. Click here for interviews with several of our leading plant-based docs.

If you’d like to watch the outstanding presentations that were showcased during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 PBNHC Conferences, recordings may be purchased through our Vimeo Channel

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We invite you to view these interviews with several of our leading plant-based docs. For an in-depth review of the scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet, visit

Michael Greger, MD

Dr. Greger makes a passionate plea to physicians and medical professionals to urge patients to make the shift to a predominantly plant-based diet to avoid not only the #1 killer of Americans — heart disease — but many other degenerative chronic diseases that are plaguing the world.

Scott Stoll, MD

In medical school we receive no more than four hours of nutritional training. A conference like this is so important because it gives medical professionals an opportunity to see a consolidated body of literature that supports the efficacy of plant-based nutrition. This undeniable science gives us confidence that we are practicing evidence-based medicine as we recommend this dietary lifestyle to our patients.

Neal Barnard, MD

Most of the chronic conditions afflicting us aren't due to a deficiency of medicine but, rather, by the things we're putting on our plates. Doctors are starting to understand that the best treatment approach is food first.

Michael Klaper, MD

If there was a pill that produced the effects of a plant-based dietary lifestyle, the formulator would be a trillionaire. Physician heal thyself has never been more true in relation to plant-based nutrition.

Michael Greger, MD

We weren't taught in medical school about clinical nutrition — the powerful tool in the physician toolbox. It can reinvigorate the idealist spark that drove us into the practice of medicine.

Scott Stoll, MD

Dr. Stoll emphasizes the pressing need to get to the root cause of disease to see a significant change in healthcare. The primary root cause goes back to what we put in our mouths everyday. The literature undeniably finds that nutrition prevents and, many times, even reverses disease.

Phil Tuso, MD

Dr. Tuso talks about the great public story: the story of now, the story of self, the story of us. It's a compelling story. Plant-based nutrition is a great best practice—the greatest untold story that has yet to be told.

Michael Klaper, MD

The vast majority of people in physician offices are there due to diseases caused by the Standard American Diet. Medical school didn't prepare me for patients getting healthy, but indeed they do every day in my office because of plant-based nutrition.

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